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SAP BusinessObjects Central Management Console

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and SAP BusinessObjects EDGE both come packaged with the Central Management Console (CMC). This is a .NET or Java Web-based environment for managing, deploying, and configuring the entire SAP Business Objects Enterprise/ Edge infrastructure. The CMC is used by SAP Business Objects  Administrators to access and configure the SAP Business Objects BI system. The CMC provides management of and configuration for the following system elements:

  • Security
  • Authentication
  • User and group creation and management
  • Object rights
  • License keys
  • Folder and Category management
  • Scheduling
  • Services/server configuration
  • Server groups (clusters)
  • Universes and data connections
  • User interface settings and preferences
  • Business calendars
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Russell Beech, Founder of BI System Builders & Cornerstone Solution®

I architect data solutions and superintend the solutions that I architect. I build teams that are usually a mix of full-time employees and sub-contractors. I ensure mentoring and knowledge transfer. The emergence of big data has opened the door to a rise in interest in predictive analytics aka machine learning. The technology changes have provided the opportunity to architect data solutions which combine enterprise data warehousing experience with data lake concepts and to apply knowledge of statistics to that data to deliver predictive analytics. To that end I’m putting effort into understanding how the evolving technologies hook in to each other. I have a focused interest in big data technologies especially on the Google Cloud Platform. Technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Apache Beam, BigQuery and Tensorflow (machine learning) and their integration/virtualization with the enterprise data warehouse.

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