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SAP BusinessObjects Query As A Web Service (QaaWs)

Query as a Web Service is a wizard-based application that enables users to create custom web services for specific queries against a SAP Business Objects universe. Once they have been created the queries can be integrated with other applications or tools. The integration ensures that the SAP Business Objects universe becomes the central hub for delivering secure, trusted information wherever it is needed. For example, a Web Service Query on a SAP Business Objects universe can be used to feed data in to a Xcelsius dashboard. The wizard is a client based component that is simple to use enabling both application developers and business users to quickly create their own queries. After creating the query a URL is generated for the Web Service. The URL can then be added to other applications. The generated Web Service can be consumed by any web service-enabled application.

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OLAP Cubes

Business Objects Voyager allows business analysts to explore OLAP data using a tool designed specifically for them. Users can access the full range of OLAP data sources available within your organization and share results using a simple, intuitive web interface.

Voyager delivers a full range of functions for the analysis of multi-dimensional data sets. Users are able to quickly answer business questions and then share their analysis and workspace with others, spreading knowledge beyond the confines of a single department or group.

Built with the analysts needs in mind, Voyager enables analysts to discover trends, outliers, and details stored in their systems without the help of a database administrator.

It is our understanding that a new and more powerful OLAP client will be released by SAP going forward.