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Business Intelligence Platform Scalability

SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 is a multitier, server-based program consisting of a series of logical servers.  Note that the logical servers are not actually physical servers. The logical servers run as services such as Windows Services and consequently can be installed on a single machine or distributed across multiple machines. The logical servers communicate with each through the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). As the number of users and user requests being made increase place increased burden on the SAP Business Objects system more SAP Business Objects services can be installed and configured. This is known as scaling the Business Intelligence platform. The additional services can be installed on existing machines, however, it may be also necessary to increase the available CPU or add new machines to the cluster. SAP Business Objects Enterprise can be installed on several platforms including Windows, Unix and Linux. Check the SAP Business Objects Supported Platform Guide for more information.

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Tomcat & Windows XP Troubleshooting SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.0

This post is about Russell Beech in discussion on the SAP Forum. SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise was installed on a machine running Windows XP. It was being used for development, POC and sales demo purposes. Windows XP was a constraint imposed by the standard build of the organisation that he was working for. Russell identified that the issue was a clash between Java components and Windows XP. This issue was becoming very time consuming and the solution was looking more and more like it needed a Java customisation. Not wanting to pursue that route Russell finally got permission to install Windows Server 2003. The problems were instantly solved. The forum thread is reproduced below as it gives useful insights into troubleshooting or go to to view it on the forum.


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XI 3.0 Tomcat Service Will Not Start

Posted: Aug 26, 2008 4:23 PM


I have installed Enterprise XI 3.0 from the Business Objects ESD site. I took the option to install Tomcat. The Tomcat service installed but will not start from the CCM or the .bat file.

I expected that as in previous releases Tomcat would be configured through the install. All other Business Objects services are running.

Has anyone had the same experience? Does anyone have a fix?

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