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Threaded Discussions

Threaded Discussions provide threaded comment notes that enable users to collaborate and create and maintain comments on reports. Threaded Discussions are a fully integrated feature of the environment and are displayed at the bottom of the InfoView portal. The system manages all threaded discussion information and stores it in the repository. Discussion threads can be added to Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports documents, as well as third-party managed documents like Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF.

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BI Content Search

SAP BusinessObjects Search delivers innovative capabilities to bring the simplicity of search to the world of Business Intelligence, allowing users to search using the Search interface and retrieve, index, and deliver BI content, presentations, business content in documents, and web pages.

Search reduces the time and effort users spend finding the specific piece of data or report they need to answer their business questions. Simply by entering text into the search box within InfoView, users can quickly find relevant, categorized, and ranked sets of results from within their SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise system. Other search capabilities include document ranking based on frequency and position of use of the user’s search string, intelligent categorization of documents by relevant topics and type based on SAP BusinessObjects advanced semantics, and step-by-step refining of results based on a user selecting defined subsets of documents.

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The Business Objects Encyclopaedia is a key innovation that delivers improved user insight by providing informative BI reference guides for your organization’s information. Encyclopaedia is accessible from every document directly through InfoView the BI portal, so users can easily locate and interpret the right information to more confidently and accurately make decisions. All Encyclopaedia content is stored and managed in the central repository and is available directly within the InfoView portal environment. The Encyclopaedia contains its own search engine.