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Collaborative Data Modeling

dimensional modeling

Get in touch to discuss your data modeling requirements; we have very high levels of expertise and don’t like to be beaten on price. You can read more on our methods below.

Our approach is called collaborative data modeling; it brings data modelers together with business subject matter experts to collaboratively design data models that work. BI System Builders uses a structured approach known as Business Event Analysis and Modeling (BEAM) to achieve this. We’ve been associated with the author Lawrence Corr for several years, and you can read about the BEAM method developed by Lawrence in his book Agile Data Warehouse Design (ADWD). You can also read our book review of ADWD here.

We use the BEAM techniques in collaborative workshops to identify the data stories within a business. This is achieved through lots of idea generation, whiteboarding and scribing; a technique known as modelstorming. Modelstorming is similar in concept to brainstorming but the effort is aimed at developing data models.

We’ve been operating the collaborative workshops for several years and at the following companies, Volkswagen Group, Dixons Retail, NFU Mutual, Vision Express, and Interflora.

The data models developed are known as dimensional models and are based on Ralph Kimball concepts. The main data modeler is Russell Beech who has twenty years dimensional modeling experience across numerous industries and also took training directly from Ralph.

There are three ways that we can help you:

  1. You’ve already tried modelstorming and dimensional modeling yourself but things are not progressing as you’d hope. Don’t worry, we can come on site and work with you to run some workshops to get you started, passing on our knowledge and experience as we go.
  • You already have reports and analytics but you feel that they are overly complex, they’re difficult to customise and support, and when business users come with new requirements, developing the new reports can be very challenging. The issue here is frequently the underlying data model. We offer a service where we analyse and assess your existing data models against best practice designs and make recommendations. If the recommendation is a new design, we can help you with the new design.
  • You don’t have any data models yet but you would like to. Perhaps your current reporting is based on spreadsheets and you now need more flexibility. You want to get started on the right foot with best practice data models that meet your reporting and analytical needs. We can come on site, take you through collaborative data modeling workshops, and design your data models for you.

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