SAP BusinessObjects

Here you will find useful information on the SAP BusinessObjects tools.

The SAP BusinessObjects components are currently subdivided into three main areas. These are Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Information Discovery and Delivery (IDD), and Data Services (DS).  Data Services was previously termed Enterprise Information Management (EIM).

In a nutshell tools in the EPM area relate to strategy, finance and consolidated data and utilise SAP software programs such as SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC). Tools in the IDD area relate to reporting, and query and analysis and include programs such as SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. Tools in the DS area relate to ETL and include programs such as SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator.

A word of caution: The information in this section should be used as guidance only. Although BI System Builders architects have much experience from having worked internally within SAP BusinessObjects we do not have sight of any unpublished internal SAP BusinessObjects roadmap or product strategy and neither to the best of our knowledge does any SAP BusinessObjects partner.

Historically, SAP BusinessObjects products have been subject to change, renaming and removal. This is the nature of software that is constantly improving, developing and evolving.  Therefore, customers and clients should always check with their SAP BusinessObjects Account Executive to get the latest product and licensing updates.

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