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SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise

SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 is the industrial strength Business Intelligence Platform for large organisations. It is fully scalable using distributed architecture to enable Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Dashboards and other documents to be shared throughout the organisation. The number of users that it can scale to is dependent upon the hardware made available to it and the license model purchased. Its server based architecture means that it can handle high volume report access. Earlier versions of XI 3.1 are known as SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI and SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI R2. You can read more about Business Intelligence Platform Scalability here.

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SAP Business Objects Designer


Universe Designer is a graphical design tool used to create the rich “semantic layer” (metadata) that makes SAP Business Objects products intuitive for non-technical users. It’s a graphical abstraction of the dimensional models that exist in your data warehouse. It auto-generates the Structured Query Language that interrogates the database tables so that business users do not need to understand this language or even know that it exists.

When the SAP BusinessObjects SAP Integration Kit is installed you can also create a universe based on your SAP Business Information Warehouse data using Universe Designer. This XML based universe will use the MDX language. You can combine the SAP data with your relational data (e.g. Teradata) by synchronisation within Web Intelligence.

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Business Objects Universe Builder

Universe Builder is the SAP Business Objects software application that allows you to generate a universe from XML metadata sources and Oracle Analytic Services.

After opening Universe Builder and connecting to a metadata source, a universe creation wizard maps the metadata structures to equivalent classes, objects, dimensions, and details used in a standard SAP BusinessObjects universe. When the mapping is complete the universe auto-generates.