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University of Warwick Science Park Press Release – July 2017

A successful partnership is being forged between a university and a business intelligence specialist that’s going after big data.

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BI System Builders is discovering the huge benefits of being based at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Warwick Innovation Centre.
Founded by Russell Beech in 2009, the firm designs and builds business intelligence systems across a whole host of sectors. Since it first started, BI System Builders has worked with a number of high-profile clients including Volkswagen Group, Dixons Retail and Vision Express.

The company has developed the Cornerstone Solution, which is an expert application of BI System Builders’ set of services, techniques and knowhow that have been developed over the past 20 years. The Cornerstone Solution was created by Russell and is a programme that is customised to individual clients that thinks about data governance, data quality and data integration.

“I see BI System Builders as the small company going after big data,” said Russell. “That means that through our Cornerstone Solution we consider everything from business analysis and requirements to source system data.
“We can work with clients, big or small, to make sure that their business intelligence project runs smoothly.
“Our process is all about providing valuable and useful information and data for clients to use and analyse.”

The company moved into the Warwick Innovation Centre last November and since that time Russell has developed valuable links with the University of Warwick by building relationships with departments and leading a lecture in The Oculus building at the university.

Russell added: “Being based at the university’s science park has provided invaluable links and it is something that I will strive to continue. Karen Aston, centre manager at the Warwick Innovation Centre, was instrumental in helping to put me in touch with the university. This is what the science park centres are all about, it’s not just about having a base, there is advice, help and networking opportunities available for everyone.”

Karen Aston, centre manager at the Warwick Innovation Centre, said: “BI System Builders has been a great addition to our Warwick site. I am so pleased with how Russell and the company has fitted in with the innovation centre and we were only too happy to help build links between the company and the university. Our centres are not just here to provide a home for companies, we can offer a wide range of support services to benefit all.”

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BI System Builders Implement the New SAP Data Federator – Archive 2011

The new SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform release BI 4.0 ushered in a new era by providing multi-source universes. In earlier versions developers attempted joined up data through ‘linked’ universes and synchronised data providers within Web Intelligence, and the now deprecated, Desktop Intelligence.

BI 4.0 universes are now integrated with Data Federator connectivity.  This connectivity then exploits further powerful  integration between Data Federator and SAP Netweaver.  This means that in a single SQL based universe relational SQL data can be joined with SAP Netweaver data and is no longer being forced to use the MDX Engine and an OLAP based source.

The original Data Federator product was acquired by BusinessObjects a few years ago at the time that Russell Beech was employed with BusinessObjects UK. Consequently he has had an interest in and knowledge of Data Federator for several years.

BI System Builders have now established a Data Federator system and are currently developing multi-source universes to support their live customer demos.

BISB Implement Data Federator

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BI System Builders Migrate Content to the New SAP BI 4.0 – Archive 2011

BI System Builders have successfully migrated their BI content and Business Analytics from XI 3.1 to SAP BI 4.0 using the new SAP Upgrade management tool. BISB maintain their live SAP BusinessObjects environment for the purposes of customer demonstrations and Proof of Concept.  The image below is an example of the upgrade. It shows a Business Analytic on the new BI 4.0 platform.  The Business Analytic was originally developed by BISB on the XI 3.1 platform and then upgraded to BI 4.0 . The Business Analytic has been developed using Web Intelligence (Interactive Analysis) and now leverages the new BI 4.0 charting engine.

Business Analytics with SAP BusinessObjects