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Supply Chain Data Analytics

You can apply the Cornerstone Solution ® from BI System Builders to leverage your Supply Chain data.

With the right business intelligence system you can capture supply chain metrics and gain insight into many areas such as your cycle times, stock turnover , returns, fulfilment, inventory levels, shrinkage, and best and worst suppliers. You can then monitor these metrics to ensure that you are on track to achieve your supply chain and corporate objectives. Business Intelligence within your supply chain is applicable across all areas including Source, Deliver, Make, Return and Plan.

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Customer Data Analytics

SAP BusinessObjects Customer Intellilgence
We use the know how in our Cornerstone Solution® to utilize your customer data to build analytics for customer intelligence. After modelling your raw data in a database we can create data analytics for you such as a customer sales funnel. This type of data analytic can help you answer questions such as “How many customers in a segment make a purchase after our first contact?” and “ Is there any particular phase where we fail to provide what the customer segment needs to go to the next stage?”


We can build you business intelligence data analytics combined with your sales data to provide information on sales regions, product sales, and key account performance. You could also for example monitor performance against targets to identify your most profitable marketing campaigns. You could identify your most profitable customer segments and how much you have to spend to retain those segments.
A well designed database will also allow you to join other company data up so you could combine your sales data with your supply chain data to help balance your supply and demand. This can play an important part in predictive analytics. A poor sales forecast that is pessimistic can lead to an under supply in the supply chain meaning that orders cannot be met in a timely fashion. This in turn can lead to cancelled customer orders and brand credibility erosion. Having to expedite orders through the supply chain can lead to increased costs. Conversely an over optimistic forecast can lead to excess inventory being held.

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